Monday, June 29, 2009


The new blog is here!!

I have to say great thanks to Dwaynne Villiers and his company VIRB ( ) for creating this new blog for me, I needed to move out of the constraints of this current blog and he found solutions that fit me right. Its always hard for a designer to sit back and let someone else take the reins, but I could not have made a better choice with VIRB.

Thanks to my wife who allowed me to stay up late many nights working on these updates :-) and to Ayinde who has been shooting with me offically for less than a year (even though we have be shooting together from time to time for a while now) but has brought a new level of sight and creativity to flowfoto just by being there.

I've retro-posted almost all that has happened since January so there are LOTS of photos and never seen before pics for you to comment on and don't forget to subscribe to email updates.

You can bookmark the new blog

Thanks a bunch and see you there! Oh! I've updated the site as can have a peek there too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flowfoto on FACEBOOK & TWITTER plus other developments

Ok, Everyone I know I have not been updating my blog and it has been for good reason.

But first the easy stuff

You can follow me on twitter and become a fan on FACEBOOK.

Come back to my blog on next Tuesday at 12:15 am (just after midnight) and you'll see what I mean, of if you join the Facebook group or follow me on Twitter you won't have to. Believe me it will be worth it.

Thanks so much for all your patience.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Damie & Ramona - Valentines fer sure!

Ok its time to fess up,

We had a little private Facebook competition for Valentines Day Shoot with me. Members of my facebook group secretly nominated their friends...and Ramona and Damie won!!! They were nominated by Micky (did her wedding last year) and they were like, "We've never won anything in our life!" LOL.

On the shoot, Ramona and Damie were great, super kewl and my kinda sense of humour (you like dags?) makes me want to do another one soon...well, sometime :-)

Everytime I look at their pics I luv em' more.

Check it out!

I want one! Damie's tee is mucho kewl.

One of my faves

Yeah... he made the call :-)

This is what they do everyday.

R&D Shoot! Ted & Jasmine - Play that Music!

Ted and jasmine are my peeps. They wanted a tiny session before their wedding so I turned the whole thing into a kewl R&D session.

In toto there were 5 photogs and one "assistant" courtesy Ayinde :-)

Needless to say the session rocked and the lighting ( au naturale) was some of the best ever! Yeah!

I'll be having these R&D shoots from time to time. At the moment they are absolutely free, I'll even lend the needy a camera, they are just intended to expose interested young photogs to a bit of kewl techniques and also to build relationship, which of course we know is much more important than photography.

Here are some pics of us in action! Oh and of Jasmine and Ted.

Ayinde getting in my what do I do? Shoot him!

Everything switched when Ted broke out the guitar...can anyone say "More than words" by Extreme?!!

The assistant :-) check out Ayinde's Mamiya - yes we are not only digital heads, film is the foundation.

Guys in action.

You need to write that down.

I look much cooler in these.

I've had my fill of this particular location (old church in chaguramas) so I let the guys shoot till they drop - here's Rich doin' his thing.

Kev getting in a few

Arvin taking the low road...

The sneaky behind the car bumper shot is one of the many techniques you can learn on a R&D demonstrated by Mr. Isaac here :-)

Ayinde abandoned the shoot to spend some quality photographic time with his "assistant".

I was setting up the tripod (tripod meaning, the top of the car) and a car was coming...what is Ayinde looking at?

Hey!!!! The entire group from the day, no photogs were hurt while sucessfully completing this R&D shoot. Ya!! When is the next one?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Livia & Stefan - Beautiful

When Livia contacted me about her wedding it was pretty normal...then I spoke to her mom and realized "Hey! I know these people!"

Turns out Livia was from my old hometown and my mom knows her about coincidence. At any rate, when I met Livia and Stefan and knew immediately that they were going to be great to work with, they both have a snappy sense of humour and are just beautiful people, if I do say so myself.

They are back home now (brrr...) but enjoying their photos all the same.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Marie & Ayinde - A first for the second shooter

For anyone who I've done a wedding for in recent time would have noticed that I now have a second shooter with me, well...most times.

My second shooter is Ayinde, a talented photographer in his own right and for a while the whole engagement thing has been hanging in the air for him and his girlfriend Marie.

So the phone rings yesterday and its Ayinde telling me his master proposal plan and of course, I'm included, after Ayinde realizes that he can't take his own photos :-) so off I go to the secluded spot where Ayinde has orchestrated a perfect "picnic" setting, including appropriate background music.

I came a bit late for the actual proposal but from the afterglow, I could see that things had gone well. I only stuck around for a couple minutes to record the important details because I'm sure they didn't want me spoiling the beautiful "just engaged" ambiance ;-)

Well done Ayinde and Marie.

This was the setting...Marie was actually pretty suprised when I appeared.

The Classic "tick box" proposal and after she said yes, he made her sign just to seal the deal.

The spread

The ring on some leftover grapes